Teknisk og varm skisokk for damer i et kult design. 

Primaloft og merinoull gir overlegen varme og komfort.


SKI Lady

SKU: 14218
Størrelse sokker
    • Thin PRIMALOFT® leg: warmth and softness
    • Achilles heel protection
    • Thin instep: reduced thickness where your shoe squeezes your foot 
    • CLIMAYARN® terrycloth sole: comfort and protection from the cold
    • Insulating CLIMAYARN® terrycloth heel and toe
    • Ankle and footarch elastic: prevents your sock from slipping in your shoe
    • Tibia protection in CLIMAYARN® shock absorbation and protection from the cold
  • 30% Polyamid

    3-Dimensional stability, wear-resistant

    37% Climayarn

    Mixing woll and polypropylene, thermoregulation, fast drying

    27% PRIMALOFT®

    Warm, comfortable, light, fast drying

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